How to get to our institute

Oudenarder Str. 16
13347 Berlin
Staircase C15, 3rd floor

There are several ways to reach our institute:

  • Go to Seestraße underground station (U6 line). Walk northeast along Seestraße and turn right onto Oudenarder Straße.
  • Go to Osloer Straße underground station (U9 line). Walk west along Osloer Straße. After a couple of meters this street turns into Seestraße. Continue walking along this street and turn left onto Oudenarder Straße.
  • Go to Nauener Platz underground station (U9 line). Walk north along Reickendorfer Straße and turn left onto Oudenarder Straße.
  • Go to Osram-Höfe Tram station (line M13 or 50). Walk onto Oudenarder Straße.

Please note that you have to cross the big court yard to get to our institute. Please go to staircase C15, 3rd floor.


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