General Terms and Conditions of the Institute fuer Internationale Kommunikation e.V.


IIK Berliner Internationaler
Dialog (IIK berlinerID)

is the Berlin branch of Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V.
a non-profit institution with offices in Duesseldorf (IIK) and Berlin (IIK berlinerID)

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IIK berlinerID
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Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V.
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responsible according to TMG §5:
Dr. Rüdiger Riechert

Managing Director:
Dr. Matthias Jung
Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. Helmut Brall-Tuchel
Prof. Dr. Michiko Mae

Tax Number:
Place of Jurisdiction:
Amtsgericht Düsseldorf
Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Düsseldorf Nr. 7118

1. General Conditions of Participation

All classes are categorically designed for adults. Adolescents 17 years old or older can partake on accord and showing a statement of their legal guardians (release from responsibility). The classes are unsuitable for adolescents younger than 17 years.

2. Liability and reservation

Every written registration, including the posting of WWW class book forms, is binding and obligates to completely pay the booked services, as far as a written declaration of withdrawal has nt been given before the cancellation deadline. Reservations are only affirmed and certifications of registrations are only handed out when the booked services are completely paid (for classes of four weeks and less) or a down payment of at least 50% has been made (for classes longer than four weeks) or an original declaration of cost absorption from a third party is available (e.g. assurances of scholarships or patronization, employer´s declaration of cost absorption). Receipt of payment on the organizer´s account or submission of an acknowledged voucher for payment or declaration of cost absorption is crucial. Only then the place in class is confirmedly booked.

3. Date of payment

All booked services have to be completely paid up front and at the latest at the beginning of the use of the services (that is first day of class or first day of lodging). If payment does not take place at the beginning of the following day, then there is no further entitlement to reservation of a place in class or lodging by the IIK, insofar as different conditions are not mentioned for a particular offer of service and insofar as a derivation from this regulation has not been agreed on in written form. Irrespective of this the participant´s payment commitment remains in full.

4. Means of payment and charges

Alongside cash payment payment by credit card, bank transfer, cheque or EC card are accepted. Bank charges for deposit, presentation of a cheque or bank transfer are paid by the participant.

5. Termination deadline

Termination of a class reservation and, if applicable, booked lodgings is always possible as far as two weeks before the start of the event, later for certain events (see respective service description). In the event of a due termination notice the participant gets back the full paid amount, less bank charges and a termination charge of 50,00 Euro. In the case of later withdrawal the full class charge has to be paid. Regarding booked exams special termination charges apply.

6. Insurance and liability

Charges for classes do not include insurance cover. The participant is responsible for taking out health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance, if corresponding services have not been agreed on separately. The participant is liable for all non-accidentally caused damage, particularly for damage in arranged lodgings.

7. Prevention of participants

If a participant cannot attend a class completely or partially after the start of the class, for reasons that lie in his person (e.g. sickness, reasons of residential law, personal obligations), he has no claim to restitution of class charges or attendance of a class at a later date.

8. Cancellation of a class by the organizer

The organizer can cancel a booked class up to two weeks before the class starts. In this case he puts forward appropriate substitution offers. By request the participant gets back the full amount paid on account, without the subtraction of any processing fees or bank charges. Nevertheless there is no claim for refund of reservation charges for travel tickets or the like. Taking out travel withdrawal insurance is recommended.

9. Study resources

If not mentioned separately, charges for text books are not included in the class charges.

10. Change of class / Grading of classes

Grading according to proficiency level takes place based on the proficiency test in the institute. There is no claim to schedule class time (morning or afternoon). The organizer schedules classes.

11. Accommodation

The organizer acts as landlord of the provided accommodation. The contractual relationship regarding leasing exists between the IIK and the participant.

12. Data protection

The participant consents to have his data recorded and processed by the IIK for proper execution of the processes of registration, accounting and record of achievement.

13. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf.

Date: 07. 06. 2010

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